The cyborg feminist collective have decided it was time to take over the world, and finally get rid of the male scum that crawled on it. DESTROY ALL MEN enlists players to help their cause by dating unsuspecting men and crushing their hearts and souls when they are at their most vulnerable. Feminists have to be careful though, because it is common knowledge that men are trying to force women to submit to the patriarchy and leave them in the dust when they are tired of them.

DESTROY ALL MEN is completed card and board game made during Global Game Jam 2013. I was joined by Jen Aprahamian (art and design) and Robin Yang (QA and design) while acting as the lead designer. I set out to make a rules-light, performative dating sim game that acted as social commentary. Players get to act out the many common assumptions about feminism and gender equality through this satirical game. An expansion pack of cards are soon to come!

Check out the rules and nab the game materials here.