Mattie is currently an independent, medium-agnostic game designer. There are many philosophies going into her work; for one, she makes games on accessible platforms that people without programming knowledge or reserves of disposable income can develop on. This includes programs like RPG Maker VX, Twine, and also analogue games. Her games test the edges of what is thought possible with game design and aim to be inclusive on multiple levels. She also focuses on narrative design and experiments with narrative and experience in games. Mattie seeks independent contracting, collaborations, and design roles on larger teams.

Completed Works

01-04/18 – Feastings
12/05/17 – DAFRA Pairing Ceremony
05/12/16 – empathy machine
08/19/13 – Mission
08/10/13 – EAT
04/06/13 – Blink
01/27/13 – DESTROY ALL MEN
11/06/12 – Mainichi


Among the many forms of writing she does, Mattie is mostly known for game criticism, particularly around the topics of diversity issues and narrative. Her work draws from current events, academia, and personal experience, blending it together to engage audiences with new ideas and ways of thinking. Mattie’s writing is frequently featured on Critical Distance, and now is a regular contributor that curates noteworthy writing about video games. Besides essays and articles, Mattie also writes fiction, spanning prose to in-game writing to monologues. Samples of her fiction is available on request.

Writing Portfolio

Alternate Ending (2011 – Present)

The Border House (2011 – 2013)
02/11/13 – Decolonize Me*
11/19/12 – You Want To Make a Boyfriend – You Just Don’t Know it Yet*
11/12/12 – Postpartum: Mainichi – How Personal Experience Became a Game*
08/21/12 – Pay Up – You are What You’re Worth*
04/13/12 – The Type of Woman I Want Others to See: Why I Wore Heels to PAX East*
02/27/12 – Valuing the Feminine – Why I Love Vanille*
02/15/12 – Doing it Right – Playstation: The Official Magazine Handles Transphobic Hate Speech
12/30/11 – An Escape of One’s Own*
11/15/11 – An Open Letter to Kotaku’s Joel Johnson*
10/25/11 – The Fantasy Cyborg: Reading Passing Narratives in Dragon Age*
08/30/11 – It’s Time to Talk About it: Atlus, Naoto, and Transphobia
08/25/11 – Diversity Watch: Bastion

Nightmare Mode (2011 – 2013)
01/17/13 – Would You Kindly*
12/20/12 – Pursuing My True Self*
11/15/12 – No Exit: How Games Change People*
03/26/12 – Fans, Capitalism, and Mass Effect 3’s Ending. Oh My.
02/20/12 – Love Interest: Sakazaki Yuuya, the Parody
02/05/12 – Love Interest: Second Date – Ikezawa Hanako, a Trans* Narrative*
01/22/12 – Love Interest: Ikezawa Hanako, the Otaku Exotic
01/08/12 – Love Interest: Werner Herzog, the Power Fantasy
12/25/11 – Love Interest: Tsukaba Muneshige, the Meta-Samuari
12/18/11 – Love Interest: Arianna Bell-Essai, the Teacher’s Vixen
12/11/11 – Love Interest: Derek Nevine, the Anti-Gamer

Moving Pixels at PopMatters (2011 – 2012)
04/10/12 – Must I Say Goodbye?: Leaving Behind jRPGs
03/27/12 – Dear Esther, We’re Moving Past Story
03/14/12 – One Day That Wall Is Gonna Fall: Game Design For Everyone
02/28/12 – Women, the Ensemble, and Narrative Authority in the Final Fantasy Series
02/27/12 – Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review
02/14/12 – How Could He?: Exploring Social Issues Through Dragon Age II
01/31/12 – Narrative is a Game Mechanic*
01/20/12 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review
01/17/12 – Mass Appeal vs. Accessibility in Video Games*
01/03/12 – Those Games Left Off of the “Game of the Year” Lists
12/13/11 – Storyline? In Skyrim? No Thanks!*
12/07/11 – Girl With a Heart of Review
11/29/11 – On Men’s Sexualization in Video Games* **
11/15/11 – Speaking in Accents and the American Ethnocentrism in Video Games* **
11/01/11 – Why You Should Give Dragon Age II a Second Chance

05/23/13 – re/ActionDeciding History
05/20/13 – Game CriticsCorpse Party: Book of Shadows Review
05/01/13 – re/ActionA re/Action*
02/19/13 – Paste MagazinemPlayer Issue 81 – Islands in the Stream
02/03/13 – Pokemon: Unchained
10/30/12 – Gamercamp MagazineThe Artistic Comeback of Games
08/06/12 – Ctrl+Alt+DefeatIssue Eight – Queer Explorers in an Intimate Frontier (pgs. 26-29)
04/24/12 – Paste MagazinemPlayer Issue 42Who’s the Bad Guy?*
03/01/12 – Ctrl+Alt+DefeatIssue Five – I’ll Never Be the Queen of Ferelden (pgs. 12-13)
11/28/11 – KotakuWhy I Don’t Feel Welcome at Kotaku*
11/10/11 – Game CriticsOkabu Review

* – Featured in Critical Distance‘s “This Week in Videogame Blogging”
** – Featured on Gamasutra
*** – Featured in Rock Paper Shotgun’s “Sunday Papers”


Mattie has appeared at conferences and other events to talk about her writing and the role she plays in the game industry as a critic and activist. She’d done speeches, talks, panels, and podcasts, and has related experience in teaching and workshops. Mattie now makes speaking events a major focus in her work and is always looking for opportunities. Contact her if you would like her to appear at your conference, meeting, or university!

Here a selected list of invited talks:

“Gesturing Towards Utopia: Designing Radical Futures Through Play” – Parsons School of Design – New York City, NY (11/2015)
“Fashion in Games” – International Festival of Independent Games – Culver City, CA (10/2015)
“Visions of an Alternate Games Future” – University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA (10/2015)
“The New Normal: a perspective on unpaid emotional labor for queer acceptance” – Arse Elektronika – San Francisco, CA (10/2015)
“The DIY Revolution of Games – How Trans Women Changed Video Games” – Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA (04/2015)
“Consent in Interactive Media” – GaymerX2 – San Francisco, CA (07/2014)
“Opening Keynote – The Queer Movement and Our Everyday” – GaymerX2 – San Francisco, CA (07/2014)
“Why You Matter to Video Games” – City College of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA (04/2014)
“collected/borders: Organizing in Queer Advocacy” – Different Games – New York City, NY (04/2014)
“How to Subversively Queer Your Work” – Game Developers Conference – San Francisco, CA (03/2014)
“Challenging the Current Model of Social Impact Games” – University of Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz, CA (11/2013)
Graduate Game Design Lecture – San Francisco Art Institute – San Francisco, CA (11/2013)
“Why Personal Experience Matters to Game Design” – Control Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands (11/2013)
“International Keynote: Earnest Games” – Game Connect Asia Pacific – Melbourne, Australia (10/2013)
“Keynote: Why Personal Experience Matters to Game Design” – International Festival of Independent Games – Culver City, CA (10/2013)
“Critical Condition: The State of Games Criticism” – International Festival of Independent Games – Culver City, CA (10/2013)
“Challenging the Current Model of Social Impact Games” – University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA (10/2013)
“Taking Alternate Reality Games Back from Marketers and Museums” – No Show Conference – Boston, MA (09/2013)
“Those Excluded From Games Studies” – Digital Games Research Association – Atlanta, GA (08/2013)
“Default Like Me” – International Game Developer Association Leadership Summit – San Francisco, CA (08/2013)
“Difference in Design: Creating Space Through Personal Perspective” – Different Games – New York City, NY (04/2013)
“Interdisciplinary Inspirations” – Parsons School of Design – New York City, NY (04/2013)
“#1ReasonToBe a Woman in the Games Industry” – Game Developers Conference – San Francisco, CA (03/2013)
“Writing the Unsung Experiences: Diversity in Game Storytelling” – Game Developers Conference Online – Austin, TX (10/2012)
“Well Played – Analogue: A Hate Story with Christine Love” – International Festival for Independent Games – Culver City, CA (10/2012)
“The Digital Paramour: Sexual Scripts in Video Games” – Arse Elektronika – San Francisco, CA (10/2012)
Lavender Graduation Keynote “Continuing Activism”- Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL (05/2012)


Mattie’s background in media, teaching, and social justice advocacy in games exposes her to a unique experience and knowledge set relevant to current concerns of the industry. She can consult and conduct workshops on topics surrounding diversity issues, inclusive design, and narrative. Contact her for pricing! Here’s some of the services she offers:

*Reviewing game material for issues concerning sexism, racism, and other forms of marginalization
*Offering analysis and workshops related to workplace treatment of minority employees
*Editing and feedback in the way of narrative and game design
*Creative writing, copy editing, essays, articles
*Advice on PR and marketing in concern to diversity issues
*Classes and workshops on writing, diversity, and other areas I specialize in

Testimonials soon to come!


I am involved with events and organizing, and other side projects that require managing teams. My most common roles are scheduling, managing teams of diverse talents, and outreach. I focus on projects that are accessible and community orientated, aiming to provide a service that is otherwise non-existent or exclusionary. I’m available to join teams or consult on already existing organizations. More events to announced here as they go live!

re/Action – Editor in Chief
Queerness and Games Conference – Co-Organizer

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