Here’s a list of persistent funding pages for games critics. Please support these artists to keep the great writing around in games. Have a suggestion for additions to the list? Contact me!

Aevee Bee – ZEAL (Game Reviews)
Amy Dentata – Articles and Games
Anjin Anhut – Tutorials & Essays about Games and Popculture
Anna Kreider – Go Make Me a Sandwich (Feminism and Games Blog)
Cameron Kunzelman – Videogames and Media Criticism
Cara Ellison – Transmetropololitan Game Criticism
Christopher Franklin – Errant Signal (Video Essay Things about Video Games)
Elizabeth Simins – Art Things
Jenn Frank – Games Criticism
Kiran – Minority Representative Gaming Journalism
Kris Ligman – A History — And Future — For Writing About Games (Critical Distance)
Lana Polansky – Games, Game Criticism, and Granola
Laura Kate – Gaming Equality Critique
Liz Ryerson – Music, Criticism, Art, Videogames
Lulu Blue – Video Games
Mattie Brice – Games Criticism (Alternate Ending)
merritt kopas – Forest Ambassador (Game Curator)
Mike Joffe – Games about Ecology, Nature, and People
Scott Nichols – Video Game Writing
Stephen Beirne – Words about Videogames
Zoe Quinn – Tidbytes, Games, Articles, and Videos