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Adams, Ernest – The Construction of Ludic Space
Agid, Shana – Worldmaking – Working through Theory-Practice in Design
Balsamo, Anne – Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work
Bason, Christian – Design for Policy
Bateman, Chris – Implicit Game Aesthetics
Bell, Catherine – Ritual
Berglund, Eeva – Design as Activism in Helsinki
Binder, Thomas; De Michelis, Giorgio; & Ehn, Pelle – Design Things
Bishop, Claire – Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship
Blatterer, H. – Everyday Friendships: Intimacy as Freedom in a Complex World
Boal, Augusto – Theatre of the Oppressed
Bogad, L. M. – Tactical Performance: The Theory and Practice of Serious Play
Boykin, Jeff et all – Hacking Society – How Reality is Broken Constructs Gaming as a Necessary Cure-All
Caillois, Roger – Man, Play and Games
Carse, James P. – Finite and Infinte Games
Clarke, Alison J. – ‘Actions Speak Louder’
Colman, Roger; Clarkson, John; & Cassim, Julia – Design for Inclusivity: A Practical Guide to Accessible, Innovative and User-Centred Design
Crisp, Denise Gonzales – Discourse This – Designers and Alternative Critical Writing
Crouch, Christopher & Pearce, Jane – Doing Research in Design
De Certeau, Michel – The Practice of Everyday Life
De Koven, Bernard – A Playful Path
De Koven, Bernard – The Well-Played Game
Devine, Theresa Claire; Presnell, William Andrew; & Miller, Samuel – Games as Art and Kant’s Moral Dilemma – What Can Ethical Theory Reveal About the Role of the Game Designer as Artist
Diethelm, Jerry – De-Colonizing Design Thinking
Dorst, Kees – Frame Innovation: Create New Thinking by Design
Dunne, Anthony & Fiona Raby – Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming
Edwards, Clive – Interior Design: A Critical Introduction
Flanagan, Mary – Critical Play
Ferrara, John – Games for Persuasion – Argumentation, Procedurality, and the Lie of Gamification
Folkmann, Mads Nygaard – The Aesthetics of Imagination in Design
Fry, Jeffrey P. – On Playing With Emotion
Fry, Tony – Design as Politics
Garoian, Charles R. & Gaudelius, Yvonne M. – Spectacle Pedagogy: Art, Politics, and Visual Culture
Getsy, David J. – From Diversion to Subversion: Games, Play, and Twentieth-Cent​ury Art
Gijon, Spain – Game and Play in Everyday Life
Gillespie, Ryan – The Art of Criticism in the Age of Interactive Technology – Critics, Participatory Culture, and the Avant-Garde
Goldschmidt, Gabriela – Linkography: Unfolding the Design Process
Hacker, Karen A. – Community-Based Participatory Research
Hackney, Fiona – Quiet Activism and the New Amateur
Halak, Jan – Beyond Things – The Ontological Importance of Play According to Eugen Fink
Hamraie, Aimi – Universal Design and the Problem of Post-Disability Ideology
Henricks, Thomas S. – Play and the Human Condition
Henricks, Thomas S. – Play as Experience
Henricks, Thomas S. – Playing as a Pathway of Behavior
Holt, Matthew – Transformation of the Aesthetic – Art as Participatory Design
Huizinga, Johan – Homo Ludens
Irwin, Terry – Transition Design – A Proposal for a New Area of Design, Practice, Study and Research
Jackson, Shannon – Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics
Jagoda, Patrick & et al – Worlding through Play – Alternate Reality Games, Large-Scale Learning, and The Source
Janzer, Cinnamon L. & Weinstein, Lauren S. – Social Design and Neocolonialism
Julier, Guy – From Design Culture to Design Activism
Kaprow, Allan – Assemblages, Environments, Happenings
Kaprow, Allan & Kelley, Jeff – Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life
Kaygun, Harun & Julier, Guy – Global Design Activism Survey
Keating, Patrick – Narrative Dynamics in the Competitive Reality Show
Kimbell, Lucy – Rethinking Design Thinking – Part I
Kimbell, Lucy – Rethinking Design Thinking – Part II
Kirkpatrick, Graeme – Aesthetic Theory and the Video Game
Kleinman, Kent; Merwood-Salisbury, Joanna; & Weinthal, Lois – After Taste: Expanded Practice in Interior Design
Lawson, Bryan & Dorst, Kees – Design Expertise
Leavy, Patricia – Method Meets Art: Arts-Based Research Practice
Lie, Ida Kamilla – ‘Make Us More Useful to Society The Scandinavian Design Students’ Organization (SDO) and Socially Responsible Design, 1967-1973
Löwgren, Jonas & Reimer, Bo – Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions
Lütticken, Sven – Playtimes
Malaby, Thomas M. – Beyond Play – A New Approach to Games
Malcolm, Barnard – Fashion as Communication
Malpass, Matt – Between Wit and Reason – Defining Associative, Speculative, and Critical Design in Practice
Manzini, Ezio – Small, Local, Open, and Connected – Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability
Manzini, Ezio & Coad, Rachel – Design, When Everybody Designs: An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation
Margolin, Victor – Design Studies and Food Studies – Parallels and Intersections
Martin, Randy – Performance as Political Act: The Embodied Self
McCarthy, John & Wright, Peter – Taking [A]part: The Politics and Aesthetics of Participation in Experience-Cen​tered Design
McIntyre, Alice – Participatory Action Research
Muñoz, José Esteban – Cruising Utopia
Muñoz, José Esteban – Performing Disidentifications
Norman, Don – The Design of Everyday Things
Papanek, Victor – Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change
Parkins, Wendy & Craig, Geoffrey – Slow Living
Poggenpohl, Sharon & Sato, Keiichi – Design Integrations: Research and Collaboration
Power, Pat – Playing with Ideas – The Affective Dynamics of Creative Play
Prager, Phillip – Play and the Avant-Garde – Aren’t We All a Little Dada
Remes, Outi; MacCulloch, Laura; & Leino, Marika – Performativity in the Gallery: Staging Interactive Encounters
Sanford, Jon A. – Universal Design as a Rehabilitation Strategy: Design for the Ages
Salen, Katie & Zimmerman, Eric – Rules of Play
Shields, Rachel – Ludic Ontology – Play’s Relationship to Language, Cultural Forms, and Transformative Politics
Sicart, Miguel – Play Matters
Simonsen, Jesper; Svabo, Connie; & Strandvad, Sara Malou – Situated Design Methods
Smith, Linda Tuhiwai – Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples
Steinfeld, Edward – Universal Design: Creating Inclusive Environments
Stenros, Jaakko and Montola, Markus – Nordic LARP
Suits, Bernard – The Grasshopper
Sutton-Smith, Brian – The Ambiguity of Play
Upton, Brian – Aesthetic of Play
Van Manen, Max – Researching Lived Experience: Human Science for an Action Sensitive Pedagogy
Vaneigem, Raoul – The Revolution of Everyday Life
Vossen, Deborah P. – Utopia is Intelligible and Game Playing is What Makes Utopia Intelligible
Wark, McKenzie – Gamer Theory
Wark, McKenzie – The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International
Warner, Micheal – Publics and Counterpublics
Warr, Tracey & Jones, Amelia – The Artist’s Body
Weinthal, Lois – Toward a New Interior
White, G. – Audience Participation in Theatre: Aesthetics of the Invitation
Yaneva, Albena – Making the Social Hold – Towards an Actor Network Theory of Design
Zimna, Katarzyna – Time to Play: Action and Interaction in Contemporary Art



Albury, Kath – Identity plus – Bi curiosity, sexual adventurism an the boundaries of ‘straight’ sexual practices and identities
Alldred, Pam & Fox, Nick J. – The sexuality-assemblages of young men – A new materialist analysis
Beasley, Chris; Holmes, Mary; & Brook, Heather – Heterodoxy – Challenging orthodoxies about heterosexuality
Better, Alison & Simula, Brandy L. – How and for whom does gender matter – Rethinking the concept of sexual orientation
Blatterer, H. – Everyday Friendships: Intimacy as Freedom in a Complex World
Bridges, Tristan – A Very Gay Straight – Hybrid Masculinities, Sexual Aesthetics, and the Changing Relationship between Masculinity and Homophobia
Budgeon, Shelley – Couple Culture And The Production Of Singleness
Burke, Nathaniel B. – Intimate commodities – Intimate labor and the production and circulation of inequality
Canoy, Nico Arvealo – ‘Intimacy is not free of charge’ – An intersectional analysis of cultural and classed discourses of intimacy among gay and transgender identities
Carrera, Maria Victoria; DePalma, Renee; & Lamerias, Maria – Sex-gender identity – Moving beyond fixed and ‘natural’ categories
Deckha, Maneesha – Pain as culture – A postcolonial feminist approach to S-M and women’s agency
Doyle, Jennifer – Sex Objects – Art and the Dialectics of Desire
Foucault, Michel – The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1: An Introduction
Giles, James – The Nature of Sexual Desire
Green, Adam Isaiah – ‘Erotic capital’ and the power of desirability – Why ‘honey money’ is a bad collective strategy for remedying gender inequality
Green, Adam Isaiah – Erotic habitus – toward a sociology of desire
Green, Adam Isaiah – Playing the (Sexual) Field – The Interactional Basis of Systems of Sexual Stratification
Green, Adam Isaiah – Sexual Fields – Toward a Sociology of Collective Sexual Life
Green, Adam Isaiah – The Social Organization of Desire – The Sexual Fields Approach
Lindemann, Danielle – BDSM as therapy
Martin, John Levi & George, Matt – Theories of Stratification – Toward an Analytics of the Sexual Field and a Theory of Sexual Capital
Pascoe, C.J. & Bridges, Tristan – Exploring Masculinities: Identity, Inequality, Continuity and Change
Radner, Hilary – Compulsory Sexuality And The Desiring Woman
Rumens, Nick & Cervantes-Carson, Alejandro – Sexual Politics of Desire and Belonging
Shepherd, Simon – Theatre, Body and Pleasure
Ward, Jane – Dude-Sex White Masculinities and ‘Authentic’ Heterosexuality Among Dudes Who Have Sex With Dudes
Ward, Jane – Not Gay: Sex between Straight White Men
Weinberg, Martin S. & Williams, Colin J. – Men Sexually Interested in Transwomen MSTW Gendered Embodiment and the Construction of Sexual Desire



Abbots, Emma-Jayne – Food Stuffs – Materialities, Meanings, and Embodied Encounters
Barber, Dan – The Third Plate – Field Notes on the Future of Food
Barthes, Roland – Toward a Psychosociology of Contemporary Food Consumption
Brulotte, Ronda L. & Di Giovine, Michael A. – Edible Identities – Food as Cultural Heritage
Carroll, Abigail – Three Squares – The Invention of the American Meal
Counihan, Carole & Siniscalchi, Valeria – Food Activism: Agency, Democracy and Economy
de Solier, Isabelle – Food and the Self – Consumption, Production and Material Culture
Duruz, Jean – Love in a Hot Climate – Foodscapes of Trade, Travel, War, and Intimacy
Ferguson, Priscilla Parkhurst – Word of Mouth – What We Talk About When We Talk About Food
Finklestein, Joanne – Taste – In an Age of Surfeit
Goodman, Michael K. & Sage, Colin – Food Transgressions – Making Sense of Contemporary Food Politics
Gottlieb, Dylan – ‘Dirty, Authentic… Delicious’ – Yelp, Mexican Restaurants, and the Appetites of Philadelphia’s New Middle Class
Haas, Scott – Hashiri, Sakari, Nagori – Toward Understanding the Psychology, Ideology, and Branding of Seasonality in Japanese Gastronomy
Harris, Anna – The Hollow Knock and Other Sounds in Recipes
Horwitz, Jamie & Singley, Paulette – Eating Architecture
Howells, Tom – Experimental Eating
Jung, Yuson – (Re)establishing the Normal
Kaplan, David M. – The Philosophy of Food
Kera, Denisa; Denfeld, Zack; & Kramer Catherine – Food Hackers – Political and Metaphysical Gastronomes in the Hackerspaces
Landis, Kevin – Culinary Pataphysics – Dining, Theatre, and the Historical Avant-Garde
Levin, Jennifer Burns – Food, Service, and Play in Restaurant Culture
Manning, Paul – Semiotics of Drink and Drinking
Marinetti, F.T. – The Futurist Cookbook
Meah, Angela – Materializing Memory, Mood, and Agency – The Emotional Geographies of the Modern Kitchen
Shieh, Fa-Tai – What Are You Eating??
Tebben, Maryann – Seeing and Tasting – The Evolution of Dessert in French Gastronomy
This, Hervé – Note-by-Note Cooking – The Future of Food
Weiss, Allen S. – Authenticity
White, Merry – Coffee Life in Japan
Wilson, Bee – Consider the Fork – A History of How We Cook and Eat
Zhang, Lawrence – A Foreign Infusion – The Forgotten Legacy of Japanese Chadō on Modern Chinese Tea Arts